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TEMA: MapSource software version Beta

MapSource software version Beta 05 Mar 2010 21:16 #4645

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MapSource software version Beta
Enlace de Descarga (10.09 MB): [url:31bdcv41][/url]

Aqui les resalto cosas interesantes en las mejoras.
Change History
Changes made from version 6.15.11 to

* Fixed memory issues and crashes when running MapSource under Windows 7.
* Map projection for many map products was improved. The projection angle is now based on the extents of the map product.
* Fixed issues with reading and writing large GPX files.
* Improved rendering performance.
* Added support for 64-bit USB device drivers.
* MapSource will now zoom in and out when the mouse wheel is used.
* Added generic label descriptions (less 'unknown' features).
* Fixed various categories and subcategories that affected find operations and the display of POI categories and subcategories.
* Relevant data can now be imported from TCX files.
* Added very small and very large symbol size selection.
* Made sure to remember search category in 'Find Nearest' dialog.
* Fixed issues with file dialog (in some cases, existing files were overwritten without prompting).
* Changed route via point symbol to small black dot. Symbol can be changed via registry.
* Fixed some issues with the Swedish grid.
* Added New Zealand TM grid.
* Fixed issue with address search when a city name was supplied.
* The total length of all selected tracks/routes will now be displayed in the status bar.
* Fixed loss of mixed-case characters when transferring routes to USB devices.
* Routes, tracks and waypoints are now sorted numerically.
* Fixed an issue with the refreshing of the route avoidances dialog.
* Fixed issue with finding elevation features.
* Fixed an issue where the comment field would be mangled up after creating a waypoint from a find result.
* Maps that are locked because of a missing signature file will be displayed as 'unauthenticated' in the Map Product Manager.
* After a crash, the user now has the option to send an error report directly to Garmin.

Sobre MapSource:
Al igual que MapInstall, permite cargar la cartograf?a en tu GPS y a?ade la posibilidad de crear y gestionar rutas, waypoints y caminos. Este programa viene incluido en todas las cartograf?as de Garmin
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Re: MapSource software version Beta 06 Mar 2010 06:32 #4653

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Esos vencimientos de los Betas, es normal y es la fecha que dejara ser Beta y se convetir? en una nueva version... Asi siempre sucede
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